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Checkss - Reusable Checklists

3.25 usd

Checkss allows you to create checklists, which you can reuse over and over again.Creating repeatable packing lists, recipes, training programs and grocery lists has never been faster and easier!Why it’s awesome:- Color coding for faster assessment- Duplicate checklist to save time- Share with anyoneColor-coded ListsWe love colors! That’s why we felt it was important to give you the opportunity to chose from eight awesome colors.You can use the color-coding to:- Create contrast- Use the same color for similar lists- Select colors that seem to “fit” into the list’s purpose (Groceries should be green?)
Share With AnyoneWe’ve made it easy for you to share your lists and even your progress on your tasks.
Duplicate ChecklistNeed to do a similar list but don’t have the time? Just copy the old one and edit it to fit your needs.That's like recycling, but for checklists. ^^
Simple and EasyForget the cluttered and overcomplicated To-Do interfaces. We’ve put our efforts into crafting a clean and intuitive experience for you. - Intuitive navigation- Drag and drop to reorder- Easy edit and delete
Statistics and SettingsYou can see how many times you’ve completed a given list from the list settings.You can also turn on swipe-to-complete, sounds and even the instancing functionality, which we’re not sure why we’ve included.